An Expert Guide for Choosing the Main Colors for Your Website

Website developmentThe first thing everyone notices on your website is its color. 85% of consumers form an opinion of your brand and base their purchase decision on your website’s colors. Color is hence a magic ingredient you should exploit wisely.

Picking the right colors is however not everything. Getting a website design expert in Ottawa to coordinate them well in your overall design is essential to make them work for you. Here is a guide for selecting the three primary colors for your site.

The Dominant Color

This refers to the color which you want your customers to associate you with. If you have a company logo, use one of its primary colors as your website’s dominant color. If you do not have one, pick this color based on the emotions you aim to evoke. Your dominant color should highlight the key areas you want your clients to focus on such as phone numbers, contact information forms, and newsletters sign-ups.

Accent Colors

Using one color throughout your website makes it boring, and accent colors are necessary to enhance your design. These colors are used for attention-worthy parts including quotations, subtitles, and call-to-action buttons. There are various color tools you can use to get colors that complement your dominant color. Limit your accent colors to one or two to avoid confusing clients.

Background Color

Your choice of a background color depends on what you want clients to focus on. E-commerce and information intensive websites, for instance, should have a plain color for customers to focus on their products and content. If you are promoting your brand, use different shades of your brand or dominant color for the background to make it unforgettable.

Choosing your website colors has nothing to do with your gut feeling or favorite color. Excellent web design always puts clients first. The color you pick for your website design should hence appeal to your target audience and place you ahead of your competition.