Bilingual Education: What are its Benefits for Your Child?

Bilingual Education In DubaiAs parents (or guardians), we only want the best for our children. We want them to excel in everything they do. Did you know that learning another language other than your native tongue could make your kids smarter? It helps improve their communication skills and offers better opportunities in the future. Here are some important facts to attest how bilingual education can help enhance the brain:

Bilingual education students perform better in school

Research reveals that dual-language students got higher test scores as compared to monolingual students. It also found that the former showed less behavioural problems, had fewer absences, and seem to enjoy schooling than the latter.

Dual-language students have the ability to focus more

Students who can speak two languages can distinguish between the significant and insignificant facts easily. They can do a certain task without distraction getting in the way. This is because their brains have a more developed executive function compared to those of monolingual students. In addition, they can do task switching without confusion.

Bilingual students can deal with conflicts better than monolinguals

With their ability to multitask, dual-language students can make difficult decisions when needed. They are smarter, wiser, and can solve problems faster than the monolinguals. It is never too late to enrol your child in a bilingual school. In Dubai, many international schools offer bilingual education. Check them out for yourself.

Bilingual students are flexible

Bilingual education trains kids to adapt to their environment. Their cognitive and sensory skills help them learn a new vocabulary and adopt new rules while inhibiting the others. This is because their brains have been trained to tune in and inhibit a language depending on the situation.

Bilingual education lessens the effect of dementia

A study revealed that bilingual adults scored higher than monolinguals in cognitive tests. In fact, being able to speak a second language is enough to delay dementia. However, a further study of their brains showed an advanced case of brain atrophy among the bilinguals. Despite their condition, the bilinguals were able to carry on.

Being multilingual can improve one’s life. It helps one enjoy certain benefits in life. For your child’s future, bilingual education can make a difference.