Earning from Aesthetics: The Economic Significance of Landscape Architecture

Beautiful landscape architectureLandscape architecture is not just about making public spaces in New York look pretty; landscape architects recognize this aspect of their job. It is a contributor to the state’s economy, too.

The planning, architecture, and engineering of a site design has to involve both safety and aesthetics to entice people to live, work, and play in any given location. Thus, when people feel comfortable about staying in a certain location, it could encourage economic development.

Landscape Architecture in a Nutshell

Landscape architecture involves more than simply providing trees and plants in a given area. The practice includes designing outdoor public areas to go with the environmental, social-behavioral, and aesthetic goals of the state, boosting economic growth.

The NYSED Office of the Professions defined landscape architecture as performing services that develop land areas through the preservation, determination, and enhancement of outdoor public spaces and structures in New York. It takes proper land uses, natural land features, and aesthetic value into consideration. It also determines and addresses land problems such as erosion and wear and tear.

The Economic Implications

Landscape architecture is all about combining safety and aesthetics in the design of a place that people would want to live, work, and play in. The practice improves curb appeal in outdoor public spaces for a bigger return on investment. How? Well, people turn their attention to a place that is convenient and simultaneously displays good scenery.

The practice, for instance, maps out features such as attractive lighting, green sidewalks, and comfortable pedestrian lanes to increase land values and retain rental unit occupancy in the area.

Landscape architecture adds greenery to a given place. As such, in addition to economic impact, it has the ability to provide shade whenever the sun is out, and soil to reduce storm water runoff when it’s raining. Clearly, landscape architecture does more than make a place pretty.