Follow the Flow: The Web Design Workflow

website designWeb design is one of the core processes that need to be undertaken when building a website. This is where the brand’s aesthetics and certain UX principles are applied. While it seems web design is like styling up someone or painting a house, it is actually a painstaking process.

If you are commissioning a web designer, it is important that you know how they work. This is to help you make realistic expectations and give specific comments.

Below is the basic workflow of every web designer, as explained by reliable providers of web design in Worcester. Note that some things are subject to change when taking certain factors into account.

The Planning Phase

This is where many meetings happen. The client and the designer meet to discuss objectives and set expectations. This is the phase where the designer may name their price. The client, on the other hand, may present their budget. Compromise has always been crucial at this stage.

Creating Mock-Ups and Development

Once the designer has received the requirements and directions from the client, they will then proceed with creating mock-ups or sample website design. Normally, this is drawn out on a paper or applied to the wireframe, which is provided by the developer. The mock-up will be then submitted to the client. Once the client approves the design, the designer will work with the developer to integrate the design into the chosen language.


Once the website is designed and developed, it will undergo A/B testing, especially if there are two or more options. This will ensure which website will work based on how the target consumers have used the site.

These are just some of the things that you need to know about the web design process. To know more, speak with a reliable web designer in your area.