How Dubai Schools Should Tackle the Bullying Problem

Primary School in DubaiAwareness serves as the first step in tackling bullying issues prior to making any feasible solution to ensure that schools are as bully-free as possible. A good school should be able to foresee any kind of act that may be considered aggressive or intimidating. Aside from that, schools should be aware of the type of environment that could encourage bullying. Break times, for example, are one of many situations for potential bullying opportunities.

Studies show that up to 70% of students attending primary schools in Dubai and other academic institutions will experience a certain form of bullying before reaching the age of 18.

Nip in the Bud

Parents and their children play an important role in ensuring that bullying does not breed fear and demotivation at school. They need to be familiar with the kind of behaviour that constitutes bullying and otherwise.

Schools should formulate a comprehensive approach to information dissemination for this matter. In a society where blaming the victim has become quite common, respective authorities must be careful not to make a child feel that it is their fault for being the target of bullies when dealing with the problem.

A student’s parents may prevent bullying by teaching them of proper demeanour when spending time at school. Children are oftentimes clueless that their actions are already destructive to their peers. While it is ideal that parents do not want their child to be the target of bullying, it is equally important that they do not become the aggressor at the same time.

Promoting Social Causes

Dubai schools can minimise the amount of bullying by creating initiatives that instil positive behaviour amongst students. Some academic organisations have established a programme that allows pupils to travel abroad and build school facilities.

The trip would expose pupils to acts of compassion and sympathy, traits that are greatly different from bullying.

It is true that no school can be entirely bully-free, but embracing a proactive mindset with the right resources and strategies can limit its existence as much as possible.