Maximising Your Profits from Selling Scrap Metal

scarp metalIf you have money to spare, then perhaps you can start doing something about the new deck you want to install. Prospecting for metal junk in your garage, basement, attic, and cupboards may not seem very appealing. But, what if we tell you there’s probably enough money in the cumulative junk you will collect to get you that brand new deck?

How about a few tips on how you can maximise your profits and get the best deal? Raw Metal Corp gives you the lowdown on this idea below.

Sorting scraps get you better deals

Iron and steel are classified as ferrous metals, while aluminium and copper are non-ferrous. A good magnet will help you differentiate the two, since ferrous materials and magnets attract each other. Find the time to sort your pile into two categories. This may seem difficult at first, but your proficiency will improve as you become accustomed to the task.

If you have electronic wastes to sell as well, separate low voltage wiring from high-voltage cables, both of which contain copper and aluminium. The weighing and pricing will also be quicker if you separate the copper from the alumimium, and if you can isolate the copper from other contaminants such as connectors made from brass. Remember that you don’t have to remove the insulation. The scrap buyers have equipment do separate the wires from the covering.  

Negotiate to the teeth

After all the effort you exerted on sorting, cleaning, and decontaminating your metal scraps, don’t shy away from a bit of arguing with the buyers. You have to be ready to negotiate. Don’t let them get the best of you. Learn about the local scrap metal buyer-seller dynamics and make enquiries about current rates for different types of metal. If you want to be thorough about it, learn about the different grades or quality of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their current pricing. Once you are armed with information, set out for the scrapyard.

Regarding scrap metal buyers, Brisbane directories have more than a handful of companies offering competitive prices. Choose carefully and negotiate smartly. Do not lose sight of your desire to get stacks of cash for metal junk.