Money Out of the Box: ATM Placement Criteria for Profitable ROIs

ATM PlacementAutomated Teller Machines, more commonly known as ATMs, are among the 21st century’s most prolific moneymaking machines.

Apart from the obvious reasons, ATMs are convenient mediums of physical cash transfers. The more traffic is present in the area, the higher the ROI the bank, personal ATM owners, and the surrounding establishments receive.

That’s why according to, the strategic location of ATMs is the catalyst for the relational success of the business involved. To determine if a location can support an ATM, here are some questions you have to answer first:

Where Should I Place My ATM?

Typically, ATMs are always found in the busiest mall strips, gas stations, and convenience stores. But, some smart businesses like restaurants or even schools install ATMs inside their domains to attract more customers. While there’s no guarantee that a person will purchase anything after an ATM withdrawal, it does indeed generate enough traction to raise the expectations and chances of the surrounding businesses. While multi-use areas work too, it’s not very profitable to place a personal ATM in an already crowded area.

What Are the Top Payment Options in the Area?

Despite being profitable on its own, the success of personal ATMs depends on the mode of payments of the surrounding establishment. If you know that a particular area only entertains credit, then it’s the last place where your ATM should be. But, if it’s an old and run-down diner and gas station, which only accepts cash — then there’s your golden opportunity. While it sounds tempting, avoid upscale business districts because they tend to run on credit rather than cash payments.

Is There Any History of ATM Installation on the Site?

You don’t want to be a replacement for any ATM because chances are, something bad happened in the previous machine that sat on the same spot. Ask the building manager or owner if there have been any ATMs in the area before. If you still feel hesitant, then you can ask the surrounding businesses in the area for more insights.

As an all-in-one machine, ATMs can work independently. But, if you know where and how to place it more effectively than usual, the better.