Techniques that Create Focal Points on a Web-page

Men planning to improve their websiteYou only have a short time to impress site visitors and persuade them to stay longer on a page, click on links to other pages or fill out a form. Coforge Marketing, a New York City web design company, cites focal points as one of the ways visitors can find what they need quickly and easily on a page. This will help them stay longer.

The following techniques, meanwhile, will help website owners determine the focal point of a page that grabs and directs the attention of site visitors.

Using an Illustration

When you use graphics, it allows you to send your brand message quickly and easily with only a short description. It functions as a visual cue and attention grabber because of its colors and images. Use graphic images to illustrate steps to a process; the vivid depiction makes it easier for people to understand something that is otherwise too technical or difficult to explain with text.

The Right Typography

Text still has the potential to capture the attention of site visitors; however, many sections of a post are text heavy. In such cases, you need to select which parts to emphasize, and which ones only provide support. The size of the fonts, its colors, and the spaces between letters and paragraphs allow you to create focal points.

Mass Effect

The use of shapes and colors allow you to create a sense of ‘heaviness’ as well. One such example of this concept at work is by using a dark shade within a bright colored web page; this provides emphasis to the dark colored part compared to the rest of the information.

Different Shapes

If you use certain shapes for a page, use a different one to attract and direct the attention of visitors. Use a shape or two to emphasize a point, a particular section and piece of content.

These are some of the techniques that allow you to create focal points on your website’s pages. Implement these to impress and grab the attention of a visitor, and also improve your site’s conversion rate.