User-Generated Content: Why It Matters

Man looking at a wall of SEO conceptAll people have opinions about the products they buy and the services that they experience, and most of the time, they like to share their thoughts with others. In the digital world, the things that these people say comprise what is now called user-generated content or UGC.

Built on the principle of social proof, UGC helps businesses attract more customers by showing them positive reviews from people who have already tried their products. Some studies even show that UGC is more reliable than traditional advertising.

You can ask the help of a digital marketing agency in Michigan to maximize UGC for your business. Here are some of the reasons user-generated content can be your biggest marketing asset:

It increases your brand awareness.

People love testimonials and recommendations from other people, even in an online community. They are more likely to try a service or product if they see that others benefit from it. This trust translates to increased leads and brand exposure.

It removes online shopping anxieties.

Shopping anxiety is the reason many people abandon their shopping sessions, leaving your conversion rate to drop in an instant. While writing lengthy descriptions and showing actual product photos can do the trick, UGC adds a real-life context that further improves customer experience. Shoppers want to see evidence that you deliver your promises, and it is through the comments or reviews of other users that they can confirm that.

It adds authenticity.

UGC breathes life into your business. People appearing in product reviews are not models, but average folks. They talk about your product in a spontaneous way, which appears more authentic than staged promotional videos.

It increases site traffic.

When you open a spot on your page for users to speak to one another or add honest reviews, it adds content to your site, which increases your site’s searchability. With space for users to converse, your site becomes interactive.

User-generated content not only improves your online reach but also adds credibility to your messages. As a result, shoppers feel more certain about their purchases, as UGC serves as proof that your products and services are credible.