What Has Stayed the Same in SEO?

Web search barSearch engine optimization (SEO) strategies constantly change as Google updates its search algorithm from time to time. Small businesses can have a hard time keeping up with all the updates which may push business owners such as you to hire a New York SEO agency for help. Although SEO companies in New York such as Coforge Marketing help with the constant updates, you can boost your business’ SEO by thoroughly exploring the elements in SEO that remain the same through every update.

Engagement Still the End Goal

Take engagement, for example. Although SEO always includes metrics and numbers, engagement and conversions remain the real goals of search engine optimization in spite of any algorithm update. You still need to engage customers online to witness conversions and actual sales. Of course, you can only do so with excellent content delivered to your target market.

Site Visibility Still Needed

Tangent to engagement, Google obviously needs to see your website to index it and its inside content so that it can offer the content to web users. This need remains constant throughout updates. You can make sure your website loads correctly, is visible to users and Google’s bots and contains the right brand and site images for Google to see your website.

Trustworthiness Still Relies on Networks

Finally, a website network continues to be a tenet of Google trustworthiness. Your website is only trustworthy if indicators tell web users so. These indicators come in the form of links. Google has changed how to build and evaluate links, yet the general idea remains.

Guiding Knowledge in SEO Planning

These SEO elements have remained the same in spite of the constant Google algorithm updates. Knowing what have stayed the same allows you to gain foundational knowledge about SEO. This knowledge, in turn, can guide you in your SEO planning which may result in a better and improved SEO campaign.

With the help of an SEO agency and the knowledge you have acquired here, you will be able to use SEO for your small business’ advantage even when another Google algorithm update comes around.