When You Stop Brushing, All HAIR Breaks Loose

Brushing Your HairThere’s been a lot of debate concerning brushing your hair. Is it good or bad for you?

Either way, several things happen when you stop brushing. If you are one of those people who stopped trying because your hair is curly or wavy anyway, you will notice a few changes. And you’ll be okay with that. If, however, you’re the type who always brushes their hair and just stops, brace yourself for the side effects.

You don’t have to brush your hair a hundred strokes a day, but stopping altogether isn’t healthy either. You can have the best brush from Kent Velvut, but if you’re not using it, expect the following:

Tangles and Kinks

If your hair tangles and knots easily, not brushing is bad for you. Give it a few days or weeks and you’ll start seeing more tangles. Your fingers lace your hair, attempting to work through them gently, but you can’t. You end up tugging and breaking weaker strands.

Wavy-haired girls don’t immediately notice kinks, but straight-haired girls do. They need to brush their immaculately straight hair to get rid of weird kinks from ponytails or sleeping.

Clogged Shower Drains

It’s normal to see a few strands of loose hair when you brush, especially if you have weak roots. Some women don’t brush, insisting that it worsens hair fall. On the contrary, ditching the hair brush encourages natural hair to fall out every day. You’ll notice this when the shower drain clogs up.

Fortunately, it’s just 50 to a hundred strands a day.

Always Brush Your Hair

Love your hair better by brushing regularly. Constant brushing offers a number of benefits that keep the hair and scalp in good condition. For example, it stimulates the blood capillaries, which encourages better blood circulation and transportation of oxygen to the root, stem and bulb of the hair. Regular brushing also adds volume, shine and life to your crowning glory.

To get glorious locks for keeps, don’t stop brushing and keep all hair from breaking loose.