3 Metrics to Monitor to Determine Landing Page Effectiveness

PPC on a dartboardAre you wondering why your landing pages aren’t performing to the standards you set? You may have failed to monitor certain metrics. This is why you’ll need data to analyze your website and determine what steps to take to improve their performance.

Experts from Denver on PPC management cite the following analytics you’ll need to monitor to measure the performance of your landing pages:

Duration of Visitors

Some land on your pages by accident or they thought you have the products, services, or information they need. Once they realize you don’t have any of the things they look for, however, they leave within minutes or even seconds after the page loads. You may have several visitors a day, but they might not be staying as they should.

The duration of a visit is a metric you need to monitor regularly. The longer they stay, the likelier they are to convert. It also shows the content you publish is engaging and interesting to your intended audience.

Shares of Content

You’d want visitors to read your content, but it shouldn’t stop there — you’d want them to share it. Several social shares or reposts man that an article, image, video, or any other type of content is valuable enough to someone for them to share it in their networks. This not just improves your SEO, but also expands your potential customer base.

Flow of Visitors

You’d want visitors to leave your landing pages to other parts of your sites, whether to make a purchase or find more content. If they linger in the homepage or keep returning to it, you’re not doing enough to direct them. Improve visitor flow with clear calls-to-action as to what you want them to do and where they should go to next.

These are some of the metrics to monitor when it comes to determining the performance of your landing pages. Tracking these allow you to make changes to your campaigns and get the results you want.