3 Questions You Need to Ask Schools Before Enrolling Your Child

Primary School in DubaiTo find a good school for your children should always be a priority, but how do you know if it is the right one? Will they give your child enough attention? Is your child safe on campus? Where did the teachers come from? What language do they speak?

These and many other questions should be answered to your satisfaction before you even think of leaving your child with anyone else. Here are the most important questions to ask as parents:

1. How many teachers are there in a room?

You should be comfortable with the number of teachers allotted to the students in a class. For smaller schools, it is important that the ratio is small, so your child gets all the attention needed to develop and stay out of trouble.

2. What security measures are present at the school?

How many security guards are there? How many entrances are available and are they all guarded with appropriate checkpoints? How does the school handle visitors? Are parents and visitors allowed up in the classrooms? Look at the facilities of the school. A fence or high wall is a good idea to keep small children from wandering off.

3. Where are your teachers from?

Ask the school representative where they source their teachers. Ask about the language abilities of the teachers, especially if your child is bilingual. The top primary schools Dubai has to offer should have field teachers who can create a nurturing and challenging environment for your child. Other questions to ask would be how they discipline children. This should be in line with how you discipline your kids at home to avoid confusion and create a consistent response to bad behaviour.

Keep in mind that the school your child goes to is responsible for his development as much as you are.