3 Social Media Strategies That Improve Your Reach and Conversion Rate

Businessman tapping a virtual screen full of social media iconsThe number of likes, follows, and shares on social media are still important metrics, but to realize the full potential of this platform, brands need to do more. These sites are no longer just places to chat with others or connect with friends; these are now communities and marketplaces. Experts on social media marketing from Singapore list the following tactics that allow you to leverage this platform:

Use Chatbots

Chatbots are fast becoming a staple of many websites because they are a tool that communicates and resolves problems for visitors without human intervention. This is also easy to integrate with social media websites that many people visit and use. You reduce the need for hiring new people to manage accounts and reply to customers as a bot can do these and other simple tasks for you. Your team gets to focus on what they do best because of this form of automation.

Personalised Touch

In addition to the previous point, chatbots allow you to personalise your approach to visitors. This personalised strategy allows you to create a different experience for each person and connect with them beyond the superficial ‘how may I help you?’ auto-response. One of the ways to achieve this is to link ads to a messenger window with the bot you created. Doing so has the following advantages:

  1. Increase sales
  2. Break the perception that your initial attempt is to make a sale
  3. Personalise the experience

Relevant Channels

Simply creating multiple accounts across platforms is a poor approach to social media. You’ll need a focus to pour all your resources and efforts in. For example, using Facebook and/or Instagram exclusively allows you to hone your strategies, pinpoint your target market, and master a content type. This specialised approach enables you to build brand authority, create a loyal following and fortify a position in a niche.

Social media is an influential tool that you can use for your business. The above-mentioned strategies enable you to leverage this platform to obtain your goals.