3 Ways to Integrate SEO and Web Design Effectively

SEO on a keyboardSearch engine optimization (SEO) and web design are two important elements of a website’s success. Some companies, however, focus too much on a single aspect over the other, which then gives mixed results. The ideal strategy is to integrate both effectively. SEO experts from Boston list the following ideas on how you can do just that.

Identify Where Traffic Comes From

It takes effort to determine valuable traffic, and this is something that you have to work on. Understand the search terms and the topic themes that are popular to your intended audience. Once you do so, create content or pay for advertising using these keywords and topics. When you do these, the visitors that arrive at your pages are likely to convert compared to a random person who stumbled upon them.

This approach allows you to design and publish landing pages that are specific to a visitor’s needs. Providing them with certain information about your products, services, and company result in better conversion rates.

Mapping Your Website’s Content

Once you identify the keywords and topics that are appealing to your intended audience, map out the content you publish based on this information. Specific content, regardless of the type, makes you an authoritative source. Doing so allows you to strengthen your brand position and become the go-to company for your chosen niche.

The information you gain from research enables you to construct your pages in a way that is likely to convert visitors. Focus the navigation features, hierarchy of content, structure of tabs and accessibility on user behavior. Doing so improves a visitor’s experience browsing your site and allows them to find what they need quickly.

Use Appropriate Trends

Implement the latest trends and technology to gain an upper hand. Doing so provides you with a competitive advantage. Reach out to new customers effectively and become an industry leader.

These are only some of the effective ways to integrate your SEO strategy with web design. Implement these to improve conversion rates, connect with your audience and boost user experience while browsing your pages.