4 Fun Careers That Don’t Feel Like Work

Fun JobsNot many people are fortunate enough to score a job that doesn’t feel like work. However, if you are determined to turn your usual 9 to 5 to a fun-filled exciting career, then you might want to check out these job recommendations:

Food Critic

You need to have a reliable palate to be able to execute this one. It also helps if you have established a blog related to food reviews. Some magazines and publishing companies are open to hiring food critics that will tell the audience where to dine and what to order. The perks? You get to dine for free at some of the best restaurants out there.

Video Game Designer

This is something that a lot of men would consider (of course, women are no exception). If you are a video game aficionado then this one might be the right job for you. You have the chance to be the creator of the big game that hits the market. If you have advanced computer programming and design skills then you can certainly apply for job openings.

Trainer or Assessor

If you love interacting with people and speaking in front of an audience, then this might interest you. You will be responsible for creating a meaningful learning environment, develop products, and assess people’s progress. If you don't feel confident about your credentials, you can enrol for a Certificate IV in training and assessment in Brisbane or any specific class to equip you before applying for this kind of job.

Wedding Planner

Weddings today are more detailed than they used to be. Couples are willing to pay large amounts to ensure that their weddings are perfect. According to Hello Giggles, aside from wedding photographers and videographers, another in-demand job in this industry is wedding planners. The bonus? At the end of the day, you will feel gratified knowing that you played a role in the happiest day of someone’s life.

Are you ready for a shift in career or do you still want to do a daily routine inside your office cubicle? Keep searching for that job that will make you feel more alive. Depending on your skills and personality, there is surely something out there waiting for you.