4 Nail Polish Upgrades for Stylish Hands

Nail Polish DesignsFinding your fingernails a little boring and ordinary? You may want to give its surface an update. Give them a fabulous makeover with the following style options. These suggestions are all about creativity and not only colours, so remember to have fun in the process.

Painted Designs

An advanced polishing technique is painting images on your nails. Start out with a thin, white undercoating and let your imagination go wild. You can start doing simple designs like basic shapes before heading on to complicated images such as faces, letters and landscapes. The ultimate goal would be the 'quintych', which is a scene that takes all five fingernails to complete.

Contrasts and Asymmetry

Nail designs don’t always have to be symmetrical and complementary. Sometimes, a contrasting and out-of-the-ordinary design works best. Go bohemian and free-spirited with different coloured nails and erratic patterns. Make sure you find contrasting colours when you shop for nail polish online.

Glitter and Be Gay

Glitter is a great means of adding brightness to your boring polishes. As you lay down your base colour, sprinkle any kind of glitter and wait for them to dry. Cover that layer with another light coating of clear polish to reinforce it. You can likewise add super fine glitter to your clear nail polish then shake it well before applying.

Nail Polish Scents

Another technique for your nails is adding a scent to the polish before laying it down. Take any colour and pour an enough amount on a small decanter. Mix in a few drops of essential oil, mix it and then polish thoroughly before applying. You’ll need to do this as quickly as possible to avoid the mixture from drying.

If you want to become an expert on painting your nails, you have a vast range of educational and inspirational sources to choose from. Your imagination is the limit and the opportunity to shine is literally right at your fingertips.