4 Tips in Designing Craft Beverage Labels

Craft Beverage Label DesignWith craft brewery on the rise, there is a fierce competition to stand out in the microbrewery market. To get ahead in the industry, many microbreweries are now focusing on creating one-of-a-kind labels that speak to their audience.

It can be a bit daunting, but you can have amazing labels for your craft beverage products that attract the attention of your consumers. Design a label that sticks out from the rest with these top four tips.

1. Check Craft Beverage Label Design Trends

Before you reach for that pen and paper (or tablet and stylus), do your market research first. You’d want a design that not only shows off your creativity but also stand the test of time. Check craft brewery design trends to see what works and what doesn’t. Some colors, such as red, green, black, and yellow, are more favorable when it comes to labels than other hues. Typography is also something you should look into. Will your customers like a no-nonsense font, or are they more the type of frilly and cursive? These are the things you need to consider before you go to the drawing board.

2. Make Sure Your Label is Unique

Just like the first tip, this is important to make sure that your label really is one of a kind. There are plenty of brand labels out there that are mistaken for something else just because they have the same shape, color, font, or a combination of the three. Check out the craft brews on the rise, and make sure that your label does not resemble them in any way.

3. Add Details

If your craft brew is seasonal or available in different flavors, it will help your brand to make the distinction between varieties on your label. A different color or pattern on your label can be enough to inform consumers that they’re buying a different flavor.

4. Go to a Trusted Graphic Printing Company

Printing craft beverage labels sometimes need a more precise system than ordinary labels. Choose a printing company that is capable of pressure-sensitive label printing to ensure that packaging doesn’t harm or alter the taste of your brew. Also, make sure that your chosen printing company offers flexible packaging services, just in case you decide to branch out in the future.

Designing your craft beverage labels is tricky, so use these 4 tips to help you give your brand the character it needs to stand out.