4 Tips on Hiring a Web Designer

a man using his laptopYour website is your primary tool for promoting your product or service online. So it’s imperative that you hire a skilled and qualified web designer in Croydon to create one for your business. Below are some tips on how to screen candidates for a web design project.

Review their digital and web design portfolio.

Checking on the potential web designer’s work is essential. Assess their aesthetics, flow, and understanding of what a user-friendly website is. Do their samples match your needs and objectives? Will their design standards or approach help you market your business successfully? Having a first-hand look at your candidates’ collections gives you a preview of what your website could look like.

Request references.

Through references, you will have an idea of what a web designer can offer. Ask their former employers what it was like working with the candidate, and if he or she met their expectations. Compare their feedbacks and gauge your needs with what they’ve proven they can deliver.

Ask the candidates to take an exam.

Anyone can write an impressive resume, so it’s only right to make sure that its contents are accurate. If you’re conducting the interview online, do a screen sharing session and ask the candidates to do a quick photo editing or a mock-up website design. For walk-in applicants, let them take their test on one of your computers so you can review their work afterwards. A practical test will reveal if they were truthful in their interview and resume.

Ask if they offer a warranty or money-back guarantee.

It indicates confidence in their skill and ability to deliver. If they do offer a warranty, ask how long it would be good for. Also, ask for a maintenance and service plan; you may need them in the long run. A website is like a machine that needs to adapt to its environment, so it requires maintenance and upkeep.

A website is a perfect tool to advertise your brand to your chosen market. To obtain a site that meets your goals and expectations, find a web designer that matches your needs.