5 Reasons Your Pay Per Click Campaign Isn’t Working

PPC MarketingMany marketers know the value that PPC marketing could provide in raising awareness to a business, obtaining leads and getting the attention of relevant audiences — but not when the PPC campaign isn’t working. What gives? Why do some PPC campaigns don’t work?

Not Enough Options for Conversion

Offering option for subscribing or downloading resources is an engaged conversion that could make a user a customer. Are you aware of the number of customers that began with a simple email subscription or download? Track these conversions, so you’ll know which offers work and which don’t.

Zero Landing Pages

Your PPC ads shouldn’t redirect to your homepage. You must have a dedicated landing page for every single keyword you are trying to target, period.

Substandard or Lack of Content

Your site’s quality score is directly linked to your landing pages’ content, which in turn are directly affected by the quality of content you have on your website. Relevant descriptions with proper keywords, great images, customer testimonials, and videos among others should be relevant and unique to increase the chances that your visitors will convert.

Poor or Lack of Campaign Monitoring

Let’s say that you have everything you need already set up and running, but how could you possibly know if your Pay Per Click efforts are working if you don’t monitor your results? Put simply, you have no way of knowing if your previous PPC campaign worked or not because you’re not using any or the right analytics to track your results accurately.

Not Testing your Landing Pages

Many things could affect your landing pages’ conversion rate — from the displayed photos to a mere colour of the navigation buttons so testing your landing pages is crucial to your PPC campaign. You must efficiently test all the needed elements for optimising your landing pages’ CTR or click through rate as well as your overall ROI.

Running a successful PPC campaign could be quite tough, but manageable if you could figure out what went wrong in your previous campaigns and address them in your succeeding PPC campaigns.