A Slice of Paradise: Building Your Own Bach

BachThe bach is an iconic structure unique to New Zealand. Traditionally built as a beach holiday type of property, quite a number of contemporary homes, even in the cities, are inspired by its truly remarkably simple but captivating architectural beauty.  

If you’re thinking of building your own slice of paradise, here are a few ideas to guide you on this exciting undertaking:

Getting Started

Over the years, the bach market has created opportunities for locals to build cheaply. Standardised modular kits are available across the country and provide a quicker and cheaper option. Or, you can take out an easy loan from Rapid Loans and build your own bach from teh ground up to suit your specific needs and preferences.

But if you wish to build on your own, let an experienced local builder help in the construction of your own slice of paradise. While a bach is a pretty basic structure, construction should be seamless and sound, and adhere strictly to construction and zoning guidelines.

Energy Efficiency

The beauty of the bach lies in its utter no-frills quality. To some, it may look like a rundown, eclectic shack due for demolition, but to many owners, it is somewhat a return to modest living and a form of defiance against the superfluous aspects of modern life.

While traditional bachs are energy efficient on their own, owners incorporate modern innovations to it. Installing skylights, for instance, eliminates the need for artificial lighting throughout the day. Extra insulation and acoustics also help keep the space warm and cosy on cold and rainy days.

Some bach owners would install solar or wind power and rain collecting systems to sustain their off-the-grid living. The biggest advantage of living in a bach is that it is very cheap to build and run and can save you enough money to install solar panels and energy-efficient furnishings and gadgets.


When it comes to styling a bach, eclectic is the way to go, but it is entirely up to you, of course. The best thing about decorating is that, since you have very limited space, you only get to keep what you need. If you are entertaining the idea of decluttering your life, building a bach makes it a lot easier.

Characterised by eclectic gardens and outdoor living paraphernalia, traditional bachs are designed with its surrounds in mind. The whole point of it is to inspire you to go out more often and immerse in the natural world.

The bach is a national heritage and a slice of paradise that allows you to live a comfortable and modest lifestyle and at the same time forges a connection between the locals and nature. There is nothing more quintessentially New Zealander than that.