Aim High: Get a Tax Course to Further Your CPA Career

CPA CareerAlthough certified public accountants already make good salaries, have good employment benefits, and enjoy numerous opportunities, know that there are plenty of ways CPAs can further their career. One is through specializing in tax. Tax specialists earn more than regular CPAs, but this is not the only reason you would want to further your CPA career in this particular field.

Why you should consider furthering your CPA career as a tax specialist

CPA tax specialists make sure that their clients, which can consist of individuals, businesses or corporations, pay their taxes to the United States Government. As a tax specialist, industry professional explains that your duties may include establishing taxes owed by your clients, assessing their tax returns, and discussing these returns with your clients. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your clients’ tax deductions and credits comply with the government’s laws and regulations.

The work environment and prospects

Many CPAs who specialize in taxing work for the government. Those who do make good salaries, receive good benefits and have a higher level of job security. You may work a full-time job with a regular business operations schedule, although you should prepare yourself to work longer when tax season comes. Many of these tax experts also work for businesses, corporations, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

How to pave your way to becoming a tax specialist

To become a tax specialist, you first need to complete a Bachelor’s Degree program in accounting, business, or any other related discipline. After this, you should gain at least a year of experience in the CPA industry. While you do so, you can already enroll in a CPA tax course.

Once you want to practice your tax specialization, you can start looking for a job. In the event you want to include the preparation of federal returns for your clients, it's advisable to register with the IRS.