British Engineers Make £40,000 on Average

Construction EngineerEngineering is a highly competitive field, covering a wide range of industries, from mechanical engineering to architectural engineering to aerospace engineering. Engineers innovate, design and build, using a systematic application of mathematics, science and practical knowledge.

Those who pursue engineering can expect a challenging, yet ultimately fulfilling job. After all, the engineering sector in the UK is essential to the stability and economic health of the nation, streamlining processes and building the structures and machines that people use in their everyday life.

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A Comfortable Life

On average, engineers in the UK make £40,000 per year. Though the job requires extensive experience and skill specialisations, it is possible to have a comfortable life with the average engineer salary.

The engineering sector makes up 27% of the UK’s gross domestic product, which makes them up to 70% more financially productive than sectors like retail.

A Growing Industry

As engineers work in nearly every major industry, engineering jobs are in high demand. It is a constantly expanding industry, growing at a rate of 1.5 – 2% annually. According to a report by the Telegraph, this growth will continue to create about 2.6 million new jobs.

The fastest growing specialities are in aerospace, chemicals and petroleum. Indeed, flight engineers are among some of the highest paying jobs in the country, with an average pay of £86,915.

The engineering field can create healthy challenges and working conditions, with a chance to innovate and explore new fields of technology. It is a practical job that is sure open new doors to those who wish to have a job that truly contributes to society.