Common Types of Funeral Services that You Should Be Aware Of

Funeral CeremonyThere are various arrangements today to honor your deceased loved one. You can choose one depending on your preference and situation. The cost and time investment depends on your choice.

Here are the common types of funeral arrangements that your funeral service provider in Clearfield may offer:

Full-Service Traditional Funeral

This is the most expensive and prevalent type of service. The remains are presented in a peaceful, restored manner with complete service. It allows the family and friends to pay their final respects to the departed in a solemn manner.

A long list of services comes with the arrangement, and everything is done by the service provider. These include pre-funeral services such as storing and embalming the cadaver. Caskets and flowers are sometimes included for an added cost.

Memorial Service

This type of service allows loved ones and friends to participate in celebrating the life of the departed. The memorial can be done after or before the body is cremated or buried. In many cases, slideshows, videos, or pictures are shown. Some family members, colleagues, and friends may be requested to speak or share funny anecdotes. The goal is for strength and love to unite everyone in the aftermath of a great loss, and help relieve the grief of the bereaved family.

Gravesite Service

In itself, the gravesite service can act as the funeral service itself or part of the funeral procession. Family and friends may speak at the gravesite before the casket is lowered.

Direct Burial

A direct burial eliminates the need to spend for funeral home rental and post-mortem cosmetic care. The remains are buried right after death.

Direct Cremation

The family decides whether or not to have a casket for viewing. The body is then transported for cremation at a crematorium. A document authorizing the procedure must be signed by the family. After the procedure, the ashes are turned over to the family.

Any of the options above are acceptable arrangements for your deceased loved one’s final resting place.