Comparing the Strengths of Paid and Organic Traffic

Strengths of Paid and Organic Traffic Your online marketing budget isn’t unlimited. As much as you would love to cover all the bases and run various campaigns, it’s necessary to allocate resources intelligently. Finding the right balance can be quite hard, and investing in the wrong efforts will hurt your growth.

One of the biggest of these puzzles is traffic acquisition. Do you invest primarily in generating organic traffic through SEO? Or will you focus more on getting customers through PPC advertisements? Both are necessary to have a well-balanced marketing strategy, but businesses will often dedicate more of their budget to one or the other.

Here are the factors to consider:

The Strengths of SEO

Organic traffic is superb because it is completely free. The costs are upfront, as you spend time and money getting your SEO campaign working. Once you are at the top of the search results, you get a constant stream of free, highly valuable traffic.

The return on investment is phenomenal from a long-term perspective. Even if you hire an SEO company in Denver to manage the campaign for you, the cost is still significantly less than PPC for the same traffic output.

Some industries also have incredibly competitive keywords with very high costs-per-click. A business with a smaller budget may find it difficult to gain a meaningful amount of paid traffic here, but have a decent chance of ranking organically with some work.

Where is PPC Better?

Paid traffic has some excellent advantages. Search ads are positioned at the very top of the results. While numbers vary, this means that ads tend to have higher click through rates than organic results.

PPC works almost instantaneously; once your campaign is running, Google will start delivering highly targeted traffic to your website. This speed also means that you can do a lot of split testing to see what keywords, copy, and other ad elements work best with your target market.

Another major selling point of paid traffic is that it is completely immune to the changes in Google’s search algorithm. While SEO requires you to continuously adapt, paid campaigns are more or less “update proof”.