Creating a Corporate Video? Avoid These Mistakes

Creating a VideoWhen creating an effective corporate video, you have to keep it from being monotonous. You can address this problem by creating more visual interest, adding extra footage, or hiring professional actors to tell your business’s story. It must also provide value or at least entertain, move, or inspire the audience.

While many companies became successful in delivering good corporate videos, others just don’t hit the mark. If your videos are not that effective, video production companies in Brisbane say you need to avoid these production mistakes.

Stock Footage/Images

Adding stock footages in your video could indicate many things. It could mean that you didn’t have the time to get the shot or you couldn’t go to a specific filming location for whatever reason. If you want to use them, be prepared for the result. Such footages are not just impersonal, but they fail to make connections. If you belong to the so-called boring industries and decide to use stock footages, it is likely that your audience will ignore the video.

Poor Sound Quality

Good sound and scoring can help emphasise the message of the video. Poor scoring, on the other hand, does nothing but distracts the viewer. Videos with ambient sound and clichéd soundtrack indicate poor video production. This is why it is always advisable to hire production companies to edit, add, and remove sounds. They will also find the most appropriate music for the message of your videos.

Unprepared Subject

Interview subjects in corporate videos need to be prepared properly. This starts with the right wardrobe, like avoiding striped shirts that are known to dance on the screen and distract the viewers. This also means putting the subject at ease, so they will be at their best during the filming. It is also important to light the subject adequately to avoid unbecoming shadow lines.

Creating an engaging and effective video means giving the audience something of value or worth their time. Hire the services of a video production company to help you create engaging and effective videos.