Debugging the Myths of Craft Fairs

A craft trade fairSelling your products in craft fairs may be your biggest challenge yet. Different factors, such as the buyer, seller, product, and location, are at play in the marketplace. Before you pack up and sell your products at that craft fair in Charlotte, NC, we debug some myths that commonly take place:

Crafters make a lot of money

Crafters spend significant time and heart into creating their products. For example, a simple handstitched leather purse alone can take a crafter at least an hour to make. This includes measuring, cutting, hammering holes, and stitching the leather. When they do join craft fairs, the profit sometimes does not cover the expenses of food and travel during the craft fair itself.

Complimenting the customer will make them want to buy more of your crafts

Make sure that the timing of the compliment is well placed. If the seller compliments the potential buyer’s attire before any sale takes place, there could be a short discussion about it, but if this potential buyer is in a hurry, they may leave without buying any product.

Advertising crafts cost a lot

Marketing the finished product could be a challenge to the seller even with social media. Some advertise craft fairs on Facebook, while others advertise on their own websites. Some businesses in Charlotte, NC even hire companies providing SEO services. This way, they can focus on other things like the design of their booths in the craft fairs or in improving their product.

When the crafter has time and energy to focus on their product, they can pinpoint weaknesses in the material and improve on it. This improvement will then make potential customers consider the product more and recommend it to others by word of mouth. In the long run, this could be cost-saving and beneficial.

Joining a craft fair is an opportunity for the seller to showcase their crafts to enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. Aside from the technical skills in the creation of the product, a part of the heart of the crafter is also spent. Passion, hardwork, and expertise make a product worth it.