E-commerce Website Personalization: How to Personalize Search Results

E-commerce website opened on laptopOne aspect that’s usually overlooked in an online buyer’s journey is the site search results. An effective technique to improve your e-commerce site’s search results for prospective customers is personalizing each visitor’s browsing experience and making it relevant to them. How exactly do you do this? Look to the simple tips to make your site search results more relevant to visitors to increase the chances of them completing their buyer journey.

Reduce The Number of Actions to Locate Products

You need to present consumers with products that would most appeal to them with as fewer clicks and effort as possible. To do this, you have to provide visitors with a visual experience or guide alongside your search bar as visitors type, without directly sending them to the page of search results, suggests a top website design expert in Jupiter, FL.

However, since you only have limited space, you have to make sure that only the most relevant suggestions would be presented to visitors. The suggestions must be based on a visitor’s past purchases, browsing behavior in your site, as well as the preferences and behavior of similar visitors, according to location, behaviors, and attributes among others.

Build Personalized Search Results Pages

The search results page is usually sorted by relevance or popularity, and not what’s specifically relevant to a particular visitor. However, by sorting products based on past purchases and behavior, real-time engagement, and similar visitors’ preferences, you could build a customized product selection specific to a visitor so that he or she would have an easier and faster time finding products he or she’s looking for.

Present Past Search Results

Your website must make it as easy as possible for visitors to find products they’ve searched for in the past because since they’ve already shown interest in those products. Doing this would help your visitors make faster decisions and increase the chances that they’d buy the products they’ve searched for before once the see them again.

Onsite search is a crucial element of any e-commerce website so when you personalize your website in hopes of increasing conversions and engagement, don’t neglect the search results webpage and search bar. By providing product suggestions as users are typing, giving access to previous searches, and creating customized product recommendations in search results pages, you increase the chances of a casual visitor converting and finishing the buyer journey.