Evergreen Content: Why You Should Care About It

Evergreen ContentIn the ever-changing content marketing landscape, the catchphrase “evergreen content” is popular. However, do you actually know what it is and why you should know more about it? Here is a peek at what evergreen content is and why it matters in content marketing.

What Exactly is Evergreen Content?

To understand better what evergreen content is, take an evergreen tree for example — it grows green needles at any time of the year, pretty much for its entire lifetime. Instead of a tree, evergreen content is pretty much the same — it remains valuable and fresh for years. Evergreen content will always be timeless and relevant.

Think of it as the difference between an article that talks about this year’s biggest trends and one that talks about how to clean a car. Some examples would be personal stories, how-to articles, histories, resource lists, industry definitions, business and company views as well as FAQs that will not change for years.

However, timeless doesn’t always equate to relevance. While it’s timeless to write about how the U.S. Constitution came to be, it wouldn’t be that relevant even for history websites. To ensure that content is relevant, come up with relevant topics but put a timeless spin to it.

Evergreen Content Matters Because…

It offers plenty of benefits for SEO purposes and for the growth of your business. This includes:

  • Higher SERPs Ranking – Evergreen content simply performs better because search engines could detect its relevance and timelessness.
  • Increased Web Traffic – A higher rank in SERPs also translate to increased web traffic since users use queries that point them to your website. As evergreen content remains relevant, SEO specialists in CT noted that it would continue to bring your vital traffic for years.
  • Increased Opportunities for Lead Generation – An increase in web traffic and SERPs rank could also translate to increased lead generation opportunities. You have the chance to optimize your content for generating leads, such as adding CTAs to your mailing list or newsletter.

It’s vital to note however that you shouldn’t explicitly rely on evergreen content because the most practical and effective content marketing strategy will always have a combination of both evergreen and topical posts — provided that they’re well-made and relevant of course.