Facebook’s Change Shifting Marketing Strategy

Share on laptop keyboard buttonMuch like Google, Facebook has an algorithm that dictates what content appears on people’s newsfeed. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced changes that have important implications for businesses conducting social media marketing. With the help of a digital agency here in Melbourne, you will need to stay up-to-date with these changes, for you to market your business effectively.

Back to Meaningful Social Interactions

The creator and CEO of Facebook announced on January 12 that the social media platform will now focus more on content shared by friends and family. On the business side of things, however, the platform will show and share less content from brands, media, and businesses. The move aims to re-orient people’s time on Facebook as a valuable experience with meaningful social interactions rather than a passive one where users simply watch videos or read articles.

Newsfeed Implications

In a more detailed explanation, Adam Mosseri, the Head of Facebook’s News Feed, showed how Facebook ranks quality content based on comments, reactions, and shares. The ranking subsequently ranks these content on people’s newsfeed, yet content you will see will mostly be from friends and family. At the same time, public content that has garnered a high ranking may likely appear on people’s newsfeed as well if they are relevant to them.

Re-Assess Your Strategy

Now, it may seem as if the Facebook change will be bad for business, but it is a highly positive shift. For one, all the mediocre content on Facebook will virtually be removed. Two, you can now re-assess your strategy, see if Facebook will truly help you, and allow you to strategise better.

Create Meaningful Human Content

Once you see the true value in having a Facebook presence, you can then shift gears and focus on creating genuine human stories people will want to talk about. Facebook users value such stories. You will want to give that to them if you want brand awareness or simple customer engagement.

Facebook marketing has become harder, but also all the more rewarding with this new change.