Grappling With Digital Marketing? Check Out These 3 Basic Steps

Digital marketing specialistIt is no secret that marketing has gone digital. The secret lies only in the business owner’s ability to diligently use and leverage the principles of digital marketing to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Every day, statistics are cranked out reminding marketers of the dynamics of the digital terrain. For example, every day, viewers watch a billion hours of video on YouTube while Facebook users outstrip that number as they consume over eight billion hours on the platform daily.

Whether a business is doing digital marketing in Perth, Australia or New York, the demands are virtually the same, especially when targeting a global audience. How are marketers reacting to these dynamics? Among the options open to them, 65% of marketers are planning to boost mobile ad budget to focus more on videos. Business owners who are not savvy only have to engage the services of professional digital marketing agencies. However, it also pays to have a rudimentary knowledge of the digital arena.

As such, here are some basic steps to creating a digital marketing strategy.

1. Intimate Knowledge of Target Audience

Every marketing activity should have an objective in mind. Looking at digital marketing from an overall perspective, it is vital to have insightful knowledge of your target audience to be able to properly articulate and present your message to them. One key means of discerning your target audience is to create buyer persona. This persona simply outlines various information about a buyer segment including their demographics, needs, biographic information, preferences, motivations and other relevant information.

2. Competitor Analysis

Analysing the competition is a marketing strategy that works even in the virtual world. Simply use a spreadsheet to highlight top competitors in your field by finding out how well they are performing in search rankings, social media activity and website page ranking among other factors.

3. Tactical Priority

There are quite a number of channels available to the digital marketer including but not limited to:

Email Marketing
Social Media
Traditional Press

Knowing how these are to be combined and used in a complementary manner to overall search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts is critical to the success of any digital marketing campaign.

Online businesses simply need to understand digital marketing in addition to engaging experts, as this will ease the work of the consultant. Additionally, it helps the client to better appreciate the results delivered.