Heating and Air Conditioning are Good for Babies, Too!

Air Conditioning in AucklandAmidst the growing problem with global climate change, temperatures can easily go extreme. To avoid the risks of health problems, it is important that you maintain a comfortable home environment by controlling indoor temperature. It keeps you cool during summer and warm during the cold months, and it is good for your baby, as well.

Why do you need to control the temperature in your home and how can you effectively do that? Here are the answers.

Good for the Health

Babies need a comfortable living environment as much as you do. Their skin is so sensitive they can easily get affected by extreme temperatures. Unlike grown-ups, newborns can barely adjust their body temperature. A hot, humid and airless environment can cause a variety of allergies and health problems, including asthma, heat rash and dehydration. Prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperature is likewise bad for your little one.

A comfortable room temperature allows babies to sleep well any time of the day, helping them grow faster and healthier. In places that experience extreme hot or cold temperatures, such as Auckland, installing air conditioners and heat pumps is highly advisable.

A Few Reminders on Using Temperature Control Systems

Not Too Cold or Too Warm – Excess of everything is bad. It is, therefore, necessary to keep the room temperature in a safe and comfortable level. Experts recommend maintaining a range between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Regular Servicing Makes a Big Difference – A well maintained AC or heat pump will work efficiently and last longer. Regular maintenance ensures the air that comes out of the system is clean and free from allergens.

Avoid Direct Exposure – Do not let cold or warm air hit your baby’s skin directly. What is comfortable for you might be too hot or too cold for your little one. An extra layer of clothing will do the trick.

A safe and comfortable home environment is good for your baby’s health. Follow these tips and your little one will have a good night’s sleep.