How to Start a Moving Company

Moving service loading a truckAnyone with a van or truck can start their own small moving business to earn extra income. Did you know that on average one in six American families move each year? The industry consists of 7,000 companies that work at 13,900 locations providing moving services for households and offices. If you want to offer moving services to the public, you should start drafting a business plan, obtain business permits, acquire moving equipment, and purchase insurance.

Create a Business Plan

Just like all startup businesses, the first thing to do is to create a business plan. A plan helps you understand all the expenses that are involved in starting your moving business, and it helps you plan for managing and marketing.

You can include a budget plan on how your initial capital will be distributed among all the assets you need. Planning how your company will be structured regarding staffing may also be included in your business plan. As for your business’ marketing strategies, it is crucial that you do market research on the trends of the moving industry by reading industry publications, doing research on competitors, and surveying people about moving needs.

Securing Business Permits

After you finalize your business plan, you should focus on securing your business permits. A business permit for a moving company varies per state. Some states require business owners to obtain special licenses and permits that ensure you are responsible enough to be trusted with your customer’s valuables. Some states may even require you to take a written exam that tests your credibility for transferring valuable possessions from one state to another.

Purchasing Moving Equipment

Once you have all the approved licenses and permits, you will need to start purchasing moving vehicles and equipment. It is critical that you buy moving vehicles of different sizes so that you can cater to clients who are transporting small to large furniture or office equipment. You need to ensure that each vehicle has its appropriate moving gear such as ramps, tie downs, and trolleys. Purchasing miscellaneous equipment such as dollies, straps, boxes, and packing blankets are also needed to secure your client’s goods.

Purchasing Insurance

Even if your company follows all the safety laws in the moving industry, there might be some unforeseen accidents or losses in the course of your business. To approach these unfortunate incidents, it is important that you get an insurance quote. You can consult an insurance company about rates for your business’ liability insurance, your moving vehicles’ commercial insurance coverage, and insurance for the goods you will move from one point to another. Besides having your business insured, you also need to have a worker’s compensation coverage for your employees.

How Two Men and a Truck Can Help You

If you have questions on how to start a moving company, Two Men and a Truck® can help you begin your franchise moving business. They have more than thirty years of experience in the moving industry and have more than three-hundred eighty locations worldwide. Consulting our franchise development team can help you start your moving company by employing the industry’s best strategies.