Identify Your Office’s Janitorial Needs: Is Your Business Clean Enough?

Commercial CleanersWhile a lot of business owners are keen on getting their office spaces cleaned, very few are particular about which aspects need cleaning. Hiring commercial cleaners can be an excellent way to ensure that your office stays clean and provide employees the motivation to increase their productivity. By identifying the areas that need cleaning, you can save time.

Here’s a list you can use to determine what needs cleaning before you hire commercial cleaners in Hamilton:

Flooring and carpets

This is a major concern for most business owners and those in the corporate world. With most office spaces hosting numerous employees, dirt can easily build up. While floors can be mopped using a broom or a static duster, carpets can look stained if not steam cleaned or waxed periodically. This, in turn, makes the cleaning time consuming and hard. Hire a commercial cleaning company to clean your carpets and floors regularly, especially in areas with high foot traffic.


This is an integral space in any building. Toilets should be cleaned daily to prevent the spread of harmful waste and bacteria that may compromise the health of your employees.


Windows are important in commercial building areas and office spaces. Windows accumulate dirt and debris over time. Dirty windows may compromise the quality of air that you and your employees inhale. For this reason, make sure you hire someone to clean your windows cleaned twice a month. High-rise buildings can have their windows cleaned at least twice annually.


Most offices have pantries or kitchenettes. This is where you get your coffee and eat your lunch. These areas should be cleaned regularly to ensure proper hygiene.

These are just some of the areas you can consider when hiring a commercial cleaning service. Talk to professional cleaners to keep your office space spotless.