In the Presence of a Mob: Etiquettes Every Kangaroo Lover Should Know

Things to Keep In Mind when Visiting AustraliaKangaroo farms are magical. By visiting one, you’re able to mingle with these elusive animals. You can do a lot of fun things like patting them on the head, feeding them with grass, and playing tag. But, those visiting Australia for the first time and staying around a motel in Ayers Rock, there is always the danger of an encounter with wild roos. Often, this leads to injuries brought by the lack of know-how on how to deal with the most populous species in the land down under. For your safety, below is a list of etiquettes for dealing with the roos and other wild things correctly.

Practice Adult Supervision at All Times

Wild animals, especially the type of kangaroos, love to play with children. When you’re bringing your little one, make sure you keep them company at all times. Pay attention to what they’re doing to avoid accidents and injuries.

Aim for a Reachable Space

Don’t try to go off and wander on your own. It’s best to stay together in a group or even a pair to prevent wild animals from picking a fight with you. The locals refer to a group of roos as a ‘mob’, and that’s for a good reason.

Take Your Steps Lightly

Animals see danger in all things that move fast. When approaching the roos or any kind of animal, move slowly to avoid startling them. This lessens the likelihood of them reacting violently and you getting hurt.

Let Dogs Be Dogs, Let Roos Be Roos

While kangaroos sometimes play tag, they’re not the dogs you left back home. Don’t try to roll over a roo for a belly rub because they don’t like it. To show your affection, you can pat them on the back instead.

No, You Won’t Win in a Boxing Match

If you’ve seen the movie ‘Matilda,’ then you probably have the urge to box with a kangaroo. Bad idea. They don’t use boxing gloves other than their clawed fingers.

Treat Everything with Respect

Kangaroos and the other wild things have long populated the continent even before humans. To avoid any conflict with nature, it’s best to tread lightly and with utmost respect. Every attraction has different purposes. Sometimes, merely observing the beautiful wonders of nature is more than enough wonderment.