Is Your Website Untrustworthy? Look for These Things

Web designer working on a website layoutWhile it is true that having a website can help establish trust with customers, it’s still important for your site to instill a sense of credibility. This means having a professional looking design that is easy to use and navigate. Failure to do so could result in a negative impression that can result in abandonment.

Red Rider Creative and other ad agencies in Salt Lake City share the things that can make yours untrustworthy:

Lousy Design

An unprofessional design can easily annoy and drive customers away. One way of doing so is focusing on heavy and modern design elements that make the site look cluttered. The use of stock images is also a big no-no, as they look cheap and undermine the credibility of your site. The same is also true for quirky font styles and grammatical or spelling errors. You may also want to avoid the following:

  • Dozens of color (or schemes)
  • Cluttered organization
  • Comic Sans typeface
  • Broken links
  • All caps paragraphs
  • Background music

Outdated and Irrelevant Content

Old and outdated information can confuse and mislead visitors. This only makes it important to go through your web pages and posts regularly to make sure that everything is updated. You might also want to include relevant content, which users appreciate a lot. If you own a moving business, for instance, you can provide tips about packing and labeling.

Incomprehensive Contact Details

While this sounds obvious, there are still companies that don’t have sufficient contact details on their website. Omitting or not providing any kind of contact information sends a message that you’re hiding something fishy or you don’t want people to contact you. Be sure to provide all contact details, including physical address, phone number, e-mail, and support page for different topics and questions.

Not Being Upfront

If you sell products and services online, for example, hiding prices and rates would easily drive customers away. The same is also true for requiring users to sign up or enter their e-mail address before exploring the site or viewing any content. It is always important to provide a feeling of transparency by giving easy access to important information.

Don’t compromise the trustworthiness of your website with the things mentioned above. Work with a reliable ad agency to make your website look professional and trustworthy.