Link Building Strategies to Improve Your Online Campaign

Marketing team in officeLink building has evolved throughout the years. Google has weeded out its bad practitioners that fill their pages with keywords or buy links from companies. The search engine has penalized some practices and rewarded others—using good techniques allows you to rank high.

Experts from cite the following linking strategies that can boost your lead conversion rate.

Content Linking

This strategy involves using a different type of content. You post your link on another website. This approach allows you to tap into the network and audience of a site with which you share an article, a video, or an image. This enables you to broaden your reach and direct traffic to specific pages on your blog.

Reach out to potential partners by providing them with an opportunity for a win-win situation. Provide useful information such as a guide or a new way of doing things to get them to agree to share your links.

Tracking Broken Links

Another proven technique is to identify the broken links of a potential partner website. Browse its pages to determine if a link redirects to a 404 page or if the site does not update anymore. Once you find the broken links, contact the webmaster and tell them about your discoveries. After which, propose that you replace the broken links with your own to boost their link juice and profile.

Providing Resource Links

One of the reasons sites direct their visitors to other sites or tools is that they are useful resources. These can be calculators, converters, authority checkers, widgets, or other tools that people might need to solve their problems or answer their questions.

These are some of the link building techniques that will improve your campaign and lead conversion rate. Use them to get the results you want and beat your competitors.