Low Website Traffic? Here Are Two Main Ways You Can Fix It

Men working on the web traffic For a business, not having a website is equivalent to not existing. However, having a bad website turns off possible customers and puts your investment to waste. Do not worry, though, because you can improve your website traffic with the following strategies:

Make your site accessible on mobile devices

Digital marketing agencies such as Viper Online Marketing state that more than 80% of users access sites through mobile devices. Failing to make your site accessible to mobile device users could cost you a lot of potential customers, especially if you are a local business.

Switching to a responsive web design can easily fix this problem. With a mobile-responsive design, your site will automatically adjust its screen size and resolution to the device accessing it. Your site will have the same content and URL across all devices, allowing all site visitors to access the same content with only one URL.

Let go of the old SEO tricks

Google is constantly updating its search engine to provide users with relevant results. It is working to make its search engine understand human language to serve the right content users seek. Plus, it penalises or reduces the rankings of sites that use old SEO tricks (e.g. using hidden keywords).

The most famous Google updates that affected businesses were the Penguin and the Panda. The Penguin penalises sites that link too many keywords, sites that use hidden links, or sites that utilise bait-and-switch tactics.

The Panda tries to look for high-quality sites that give meaningful information. It penalises sites that duplicate content from other locations and those that have too many pages with very few words. Sites with low-quality content, content that is not very useful, and content that do not garner interaction also get a penalty.

Luckily, some free online tools help your site detect content or links that could get it penalised. Still, it’s a lot of work if you try to learn and do it in-house. Alternatively, experienced web developers or digital marketing companies that offer web design and management services can do the work for you.

Get your business a responsive site and make sure it works for you!