Make Food Preparations Faster with 7 Handy Kitchen Equipment

Handy Kitchen EquipmentEveryone knows that the busiest part of any restaurant is the kitchen. Visit one and you will surely experience the scurrying around and shouting of orders. It looks chaotic, but you will be surprised at how everyone still manages to be methodical and efficient when it comes to customers’ orders. A huge part of this efficiency is achieved mainly because of staff training and handy kitchen equipment. What are some of these?

The Combi Oven

This is a multi-function oven that allows you to bake, cook and steam quantities of food and vegetables. According to Food and Wine, having a combi oven in the kitchen is like having a Swiss Army knife in the wild. Having this useful equipment in the restaurant kitchen enables the staff to save time on boiling and cooking.

Deep Fat Fryers

Many restaurant kitchens have two fryers that allow them to deep fry food quickly. Having two fryers also helps prevent cross-contamination of different types of food, particularly for customers who have allergies.

Bain Maries

This handy kitchen equipment is usually used for heating delicate food and storing pre-cooked ingredients like beans, chilli or curry. Hostservice says that some good examples are a hot cupboard and bain-marie, which can be for chafing dishes during parties or catering events as well.


This essential equipment allows kitchen staff to finish the tops of various dishes quickly, like pies and many types of desserts. Many of them are usually installed on wall-mounted shelves that are located above the ovens.

Cook Tops

Most restaurants today use the induction type because they are able to cook food quickly and are energy-efficient. According to Fine Cooking, these do not radiate a lot of heat so the kitchen is a little bit cooler compared to those that use gas powered burners.


They are used for storing ingredients that are regularly needed in daily operations of the restaurant. These ingredients differ, from peas to meat. There are restaurants though that prefers fresh meat straight from the market, as they taste better when cooked.

Dishwashing Equipment

With perhaps hundreds of plates, cups, cutleries, and tumblers, washing them can be a nightmare. This is why restaurants have dishwashing equipment that can wash these things efficiently and quickly throughout the day.

There are many other kitchen tools and equipment that help in terms of food preparation and cooking. Due to this, despite the seemingly chaotic environment, restaurant kitchen personnel are still able to perform their tasks with the efficiency and smoothness of a ballet dancer.