No-sweat Ideas for a Superb Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Party in LakewoodFor a girl, few things are more exciting than being around to see your best girl friend or sister walk down the aisle. Before she ties the knot, you and the girls get to work to plan an amazing bridal shower: the perfect send-off for an equally amazing girl. With many ideas and themes available over the internet, which one will you choose? And, how will you pull it off on a limited time and budget?

Before you get to work, check out these bridal shower ideas you can pull off without breaking a sweat:

Dress Up Party

If you and your girls bonded over watching cartoons and playing tea parties, then a dress up party would make a sweet and sentimental send-off for the soon-to-be-bride. Theater supplies rental shops like Disguises are easy to find, so the costumes shouldn’t be a problem.

Choose power girl costumes that represent who you are as friends, and spend the night playing games, rocking out to your favorite heartbreak anthems and drinking punches, and top it off with a pillow fight before hitting the sack.


The bridesmaids and the bride-to-be’s mother usually plan and host the party, so for an element of surprise, don’t involve the bride in anything. Get her mom involved instead, and plan a grand cookout which you and your friends will participate in. Whip up her favorite dishes. For her takeaway, put the recipes together in a scrapbook, along with letters and photos.

Family Affair

In the traditional sense, bridal parties are pre-wedding celebrations that involve the whole family. While you may want to brush up on bridal party etiquette to carry out a grand affair, keep in mind that the most important factor here is her family’s involvement.

As her sister from another mother, let her family put the spotlight on her. Have her siblings perform a song or a dance number. Or, get the girl friends to do a flash mob dance to surprise her. This is about her and the people she loves the most, so let them share the moment.

Bridal showers are a highlight in every bride-to-be’s life. Give your friend one that she won’t ever forget.