Parental Discipline Pointers: Teaching Kindness to Your Children

Parental Discipline PointersKindness is becoming uncommon these days. Unfortunately, it’s not a common virtue discussed or practiced in some homes. See if you are practicing these suggestions at home just so you're sure you aren't asking "Where is the Love?" among family members.

Show it at Home – There’s nothing more compelling than being a good example. Children will look up to parents and adult members of the household as the first people to emulate. Teach them by showing, such as letting them make decisions for themselves, giving them a chance to voice their opinions, and explaining calmly why certain things are forbidden out of safety.

Be Consistent – This is difficult to do, but is absolutely necessary if your child needs discipline training. Sometimes, words go against your actions and that can be held against you. Also, if your child sees that you are kind to strangers, business partners, friends, family, and even to that rude driver or individual who cut in line, you are showing them that it’s possible to be kind no matter how difficult other people are.

Create Room for Errors – Making them fear punishment, especially when viciously implemented, will not turn people into kinder, more socially accepted individuals. It will only teach them to hide their crimes and justify their actions. Instead of immediately punishing children for mistakes, be gentle but firm with correction so they understand the difference between forgiveness and justice, according to Positive Discipline.

Encourage Spontaneous Kindness – Giving is a powerful act that isn’t easily accepted nowadays. That said, if your child wants to give to charity let them know the good it can do and the limits as well. Do not force your children to give to others because it potentially makes it an obligation instead of a choice.

Kindness is a universal virtue and should be encouraged at home. After all, discipline also means knowing what is good and kind and practicing it. Give your child the gift of kindness by setting the standard at home.