Peace of Mind: The Need for a National Police Record Check

Criminal Background Check‘The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it’, says Albert Einstein.

In this day and age, it rings true that there are people who would take advantage of others for personal gain. Cyber scams, such as card skimming and fraud, are a couple of examples. Unfortunate things like these happen in real life – and people have grown wary. Einstein’s belief that the world is a ‘dangerous place to live’ is indeed true, but some agencies act against such evils.

Take, for example, the Australian Federal Police which enforces order and national security. It has tools like the National Police Record Checks to help them monitor potential threats. Through the assurance of safety that these checks offer, the public can be at ease.

National Police Checks Serve the Following Purposes

There is a slew of reasons for a National Police History Check (NPHC). Companies, for instance, conduct pre-employment background checks on their applicants. The AFP lists down the NPHC’s primary functions:

  • Residence in the following territories: Australian Capital, Jervis Bay, and external Commonwealth
  • For employment overseas or employment with the Commonwealth Government
  • Commonwealth legislation requirements
  • Australian immigration requirements
  • Visa applications for travel abroad
  • An applicant lives overseas
  • For adoption abroad

It may seem like a national police check can barely make an impact on safety and protection, but it actually does. Failure to submit one, for whatever reason, can hinder one’s progress in life. A job offer in the U.S., for example, will never materialise when the applicant fails to secure his or her NPHC.

Why is this so?

With the NPHC, You Have Nothing to Hide

Offences, such as court convictions, are likely to appear on an NPHC. This is how critical the NPHC is – it can make or break one’s plans. Verifying the legitimacy of an individual’s criminal history is important in many countries and companies.

It is but natural for people to be cautious of others, especially in this day and age. The safety, as well as the welfare, of the majority, is at stake whenever a sketchy person comes in. Peace of mind, after all, comes with no price tag.