Personalised Keepsakes Go Digital

Keepsakes DIYRemember Valentine’s Day when you were a kid and made a handcrafted card for your secret crush? Remember the box full of letters you gave to your long distance boyfriend to read on special days? Remember your wedding anniversary when you manually wrote a book about your love story?

Remember when everything had to be done manually?

The digital world has opened a lot of opportunities to cater to a fast-paced generation. The effort and time you put into those DIY mementos will always be appreciated. But, in a world where time is of the essence, you will need an extra set of hands — or a machine.

The Endless Options

Laser printing is a way for companies to produce high-quality products with just a touch of a button. Dynamic Concepts Limited uses laser printing to incorporate your design or message into any glass surface.

Laser engraving technology can engrave into wood, plastic, glass and others. The device can etch intricate designs in the materials. Your handmade card can now be engraved. You can personalise the box you will give your loved one. Have an engraved photo as the front cover for the book you wrote.

The options are endless. The visionaries who first thought of this device didn’t know they helped shape the future for engraving and the gift-giving industry.

The First Discovery

It began when a man named Bill Lawson created a new kind of technological innovation. He first thought of the idea when he went to a laser job shop to get a cloth cut. He was amazed at how the laser can cut cloth without burning. He then decided to open a new company called Laser Machining Inc. and started building the machine.

In the late 1970s, Tom Zarden discovered Bill Lawson’s laser turnkey engraver in Wisconsin. He became so fascinated that he decided it was worth investing in. From then on, he made several improvements to engrave black and white artwork into wood.

Keepsakes can still be personal even if you didn’t make them. An emotionless machine might have made it, but your feelings will always manifest in the memento.