Promoting Your Restaurant Through Print Media: The Items and Ideas

Restaurant Signage Printing in AucklandYou can go online to promote your restaurant or use TV and radio ads. These marketing and promotion methods, however, can be quite expensive for a start-up restaurant. Besides, print marketing remains as one of the most reliable promotional tactics by most new businesses.

Here are a few possible options for you, according to Signs n Stuff:

Discount Booklets – Creating loyalty is one of the best ways of building your customer base. Have a few discount booklets printed for return clients to show them that you remember them and value their continued support. It also gives a reason to go back repeatedly while spreading the word to friends and families.

Giveaways & Freebies – You can offer these items for a minimum purchase or as a prize for bringing a friend or celebrating an event with your establishment. Not only does it encourage their patronage and remind them of your quality service, you can print your logo, motto and other company details onto your freebie for added promotional value.

Eye-Catching Signage – Billboards, standees, banners, posters and other printed signage are ways to reach the possible locals since they are the most accessible customers for your business. Makes sure they are simple to understand yet interesting enough to catch everyone's attention. Choose an Auckland screen printing company that can help you find the right design to print on your signage.

Flyers & Handouts – These promotional items can be easily neglected and set aside. But if they are used as instant discount coupons or promotional tickets, then you can easily catch the attention of those who receive them. Like your signage, make them look interesting and appealing so they won't just be thrown away.

Print media is still going strong no matter what others believe. That said; you might even try to put in an ad in your local paper too. Once you've made enough for an actual TV, internet or radio ad then you know how much you've benefitted from print ads.