Promotional Product Trends to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Cheap Promo ProductsCompanies launch thousands of new and unique promotional products each year. Speedex Group reports that each new promotional product contains many advancements, reflecting the constant changes in the industry. Today’s consumer trends have driven these advancements, after all. Any business looking to market its brand should keep an eye out on these emerging trends as they bring energy to promotional marketing and draw consumers in.

Cheap Promo Products Are Out

In the past, companies prioritised quantity over quality, purchasing large amounts of cheap promo products with their logo on it to give away. Nowadays, businesses realise that the quality of their promo product is a direct reflection of the company. It is not surprising, therefore, that companies are investing on high-end promo products to represent their brand.

So, companies looking to stand out should increase their budget for promotional products by choosing items that are high-quality, useful and long-lasting.

People Feel Better About Green Companies

Environmental issues are a hot topic and people are striving more than ever to go green. In a survey last year, in fact, almost 90% of respondents stated that they would work hard to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Given this figure, it is not surprising to see companies use sustainable and eco-friendly products that show their consumers how eco-friendliness is part of their core values.

Technological Promo Products Are Big

One of the characteristics of a successful promotional product these days is usefulness — and nothing is more useful than technology. Some great products to give away are power banks and USBs, for example.

High-value, eco-friendly and technologically useful products can help make a positive impact on your business’ image and attract more consumers. Businesses looking to spread brand awareness should no longer consider ordering a ton of cheap promo products but focus on the mentioned core promo product values instead.