Safety Awareness in Durable Print-Outs: Take 5 Safety Cards and Manuals

Print-outsAccording to state regulations, every employer needs to create awareness of health and safety issues that could be present at their workplace. Professional printing service providers see to it that they offer you timely and high-quality safety awareness print-outs, which adds exceptional value to the safety-awareness program. Below are some of the safety documents in use in most industries:

Take 5 Hazard Assessment Wallets

The Take 5 hazard assessment wallet, explains, is a single pad type wallet that you can find in various formats and sizes. Each of these wallets usually contains hazard assessment pads, safety hints and a risk assessment card. On-site contractors and employees can use the Take 5 safety card as a planning tool to minimize workplace accidents.

The Take 5 hazard assessment card instructions helps us not only maintain our environmental awareness but also control the immediate environmental hazards as a result of our work.

Safety Tags, Labels and Posters

Safety labels and posters inform staff and visitors at your workplace of any relevant health or safety issues within workplaces, thereby, helping you keep your working environment safe. Printing every safety tag on waterproof and stain resistant synthetic paper assures the durability of the safety tags.

Also, printing your labels and posters using special UV resistant inks will ensure your posters and labels withstand harsh work-site conditions.

OH&S Manuals

OH&S manuals outline general policy and procedures for safety management, which serves as a good reliable safety management system. OH&S manuals, induction manuals and general procedural manuals draw innumerable applications in the large mining industries; thus, these manuals vary in size, presentation and content to meet all users’ preferences.

Other safety-awareness print-outs include pre-start checklists, job hazard analysis forms, and work certificates and permits.

For all your safety issues, right from creating awareness to minimize workplace accidents to maintaining safety at work, engage experienced printing service providers to get your take 5 assessment cards, OH& S manuals, safety tags, labels and posters professionally produced in high quality materials.