Science Says a Thing or Two about Copywriting

CopywritingThe entire point of great content is to get everyone reading. When users easily brush off your articles, Houston, you’ve got a problem.

Creating compelling content is no easy task. It’s not just about writing what you think — it’s thinking of what you write. Settling down on a sole writing style won’t get you any reads. If you want to earn more avid readers, experiment.

That’s what science says.

Numbers — The Brain’s Best Friend

A good copy, says SEO expert C1 Partners, impresses many, especially if it’s delivered in a form they can easily understand. Buzzfeed serves one of the most effective content forms: a listicle.

Readers encounter content daily; some of these are too wordy for their patience.  They don’t always have the time to read everything.

A Takipi study reported that while numbers make for good headlines, using digits makes content more shareable. According to their research, content with higher numbered lists received more shares compared to headlines without numbers. The Stanford Business backs up this claim, saying that digits stick better than statements.

Announcements Don’t Work

If you think announcing on content will get you reads, think again.

Takipi’s study also reported that using words such as “celebrates,” “announcing,” “grows,” or “wins” don’t get as much shares. Readers think announcements are boring and not worth the read. But when you use the word “lose,” expect the post to land in the top 50% of your list.

Rather than just announce, create a story. Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to engage readers. Don’t just focus on your awards; tell a story that compels users to read.

Who are Your Readers?

It’s a common tip, but it always pays to know your readers — they determine what is best for you.

Moms and other middle-aged women are today’s biggest sharers. To get them on board, write content FOR them. This means avoiding slangs or jargons, and using simpler word choices. And no swearing.

Don’t go overboard with too many adjectives or announcements. Get your blogs the most read with the help of science.