Should You Change Your Company Logo?

Company BrandingBranding is one of the most important aspects of business. Powerful branding makes your company and its products instantly recognizable and relatable among followers and customers. The brand is almost interchangeable with logo. How recognizable your logo is, tells how strong your brand may be. Practically everyone around the world, for example, knows the Red Cross logo. When you see its logo, you are instantly reminded of aid, assistance, health, emergencies, relief, and other similar items.

Should You Change Your Logo?

The above example should always come to mind whenever you ask the question, “is it time to change our logo?” The reason for this is quite simple: logo changes affect branding.

The Logo is Looking Dated

This is perhaps what the people behind the Instagram logo change had in mind. They want their new logo to reflect how much the Facebook-owned app has changed through the years. No matter how you feel about the new Instagram logo, there does come a time when a logo begins to show its age. If your company logo does not reflect what you do anymore (you’ve changed industries; your products have transformed with the times), it’s probably time to change what people see on your posters, boxes, shrink sleeve wrapping, vehicle wraps, downloadable app, etc. The same can happen if you want your logo to appeal to a younger set.

Should You Keep Changing Your Logo?

Generally, your answer should be no. One logo overhaul should be enough. That one logo change, done right, can reflect forward-thinking, a desire to be in tune with the times. But if you keep changing your logo every year or so, your brand suffers from a bad, unstable, and unsure image. People trust logos that stand the test of time. If you want some changes, don’t do an overhaul except for that one time when your company began taking on a different path. Instead, add some subtle changes.

Your company logo is the image that forms in the minds of people when they hear your company name. It’s an icon that is best served by long memories. Be careful what you do with your logo. Change is good, but not always.