Social Selling: A Customer-Centric Approach to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing collaboration with the employeesThe modern-day consumer is informed and independent. In fact, studies show that buyers conduct research online first before making big purchases in-store. Some of the research even adds that consulting social media is a must before buying.

It is no surprise, then, that sales professionals are incorporating social selling into their marketing strategy. Companies like PurpleClick Media emphasise the importance of reaching targeted customers through digital advertising to stay competitive in the industry and keep their customers well-informed.

What exactly is social selling, though, and how can it help?

Connecting with Prospects and Offering them Value

Social selling is the art of using social media websites to connect, understand and nurture potential customers. The approach is similar to lead nurturing, which engages buyers on a long-term basis. A study from LinkedIn shows that the engagement from social selling pays off: 78% of social sellers outperform their competitors who fail to use social selling to their advantage. The immediacy of social media makes it the ideal tool for connecting with prospects and maintaining relationships.

Making Meaningful Connections and Sharing Great Content

Social selling is not a complicated process. Any business with a Facebook or Instagram page is already engaged in the basics of the technique. The trick to taking full advantage of the opportunities it offers lies in making meaningful connections and sharing great content, however. Impressive content can create an emotional punch that can support and enhance any company’s sales efforts. So, establish yourself as a trustworthy source with these tips:

  • Know your target audience and the social media platforms they prefer.
  • Create a brand that is both approachable and knowledgeable about your industry.
  • Come up with unique content and share content from other reputable sources to affirm your credibility.
  • Engage your audience to improve brand retention.

Building a strong network on social media depends on social selling. Through the innovative approach, you can personalise your social media campaign to reach your target audience. This way, your team can build real, long-lasting relationships.