The Death of the Cinema: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You?

Movie TheaterTechnology is hitting cinemas where it hurts the most: by taking away their viewers.

With sites such as Netflix offering easy streaming of films, avid movie fans are ditching the cinemas to just stay at home. The comfort of home viewing resulted in a downward spiral in movie theater attendance since 2014. As if that wasn’t enough, the most obvious decline is in the 14 to 24 age group.

The cinema is dying. Is there any way to save it?

A Better HD Experience

Elevating the viewing experience is more than just upgrading the movie theatre seats. There are numerous opportunities worth discovering; some establishments have already used these possibilities. One obvious example is the IMAX.

No home theater can be as big or advanced as the IMAX; trying to replicate it at your home is just impossible. Whether it’s the dome or the screens, massive size is the heart of the unique experience, especially when combined with a high-quality sound system.

There’s a big difference between watching Batman vs. Superman on a 50-inch TV and on IMAX — and the experience is worth the ticket price.

Gimmicks: Thematic Theater

Taking a movie theater to the next level sometimes requires a little (or maybe a lot of) customization. For example, why settle for simple movie seats when you can customize each chair into loungers or individual hot tubs?

How about a theater without any seats at all? Since moviegoers like watching their favorite film outdoors, some sand on the floor might pique their interest. After all, who would say no to a beach theater, complete with mats and umbrellas?

Private Screening Rooms

If you’re not a fan of watching with strangers, then a private screening room is the most ideal. These rooms offer a better experience, especially to those who wish for a more intimate viewing experience. No more sharing big spaces with hundreds — instead, clients can rent a private room at a per-person-per-movie rate.

Hope is not yet lost for today’s cinema. By keeping up with the latest technologies, it’s not too late for a major comeback.